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Queensland Running Workshops 

The Next Lazy Runner Workshop will be held on October 25th on the Sunshine Coast

This is a 'Run Right' workshops and its for all- non runners can learn to run right, and runners can get great tips and advice on Technique and posture so they can run better!

Want to learn how to run right?
Sometimes incorrect technique and posture can really affect your running. If you are having trouble increasing your distances or speed or are just finding running is too hard or you are not improving- it could be something in the way you are running. There is a right and wrong way to run and often runners get into bad habits when it comes to running posture. The Run Right session is suitable for all- from non runners to established runners and all levels of fitness abilities.
Come along to this 'Run Right' session and you will be amazed at how much you will learn about your running. 
The 'Run Right" session is hosted by Marie Bean. 
Marie is a running coach and founder of the Lazy Runner running clubs across Australia and the author of the very successful book on running- called Lazy Runner. Marie has been running for over 25 years, she has run marathons and ultra marathons on 6 continents; she has run thousands of kilometres and has never suffered an injury- not one in 25 years! Marie will share her running secrets with you, and get you running right for years to come.

When: Saturday  October 25th @ 5pm
Where: La Balsa Park
Cost: $50 pre booked and paid- $70 on day- Free Lazy Runner Cap thrown in 
Duration: Approx 2 hours
Suitable For: All- non runners and runners- this session is about technique and running posture

To Find Out More- email-lazyrunners@gmail.com, or go to Contact Page




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