Reciprocal Lazy Runner Clubs

Some Lazy runner clubs offer a Reciprocal member rate at other Lazy Runner Clubs

If a Lazy Runner Clubs web page has the above button displayed, it means they do offer a discounted fee to other members of other clubs

A member of a club is someone who has an annual membership or a program membership at a Lazy Runner Club

Please ask the operator of the Lazy Runner club you are a member at, to give you a membership Keytag, signed by your club operator, to take with you to the club you wish to attend

If you attend Lazy Runner sessions on a casual basis or have a prepaid card you are not eligible for the reciprocal are most welcome to attend other clubs sessions but you will pay the casual rate the club you are attending charges

To see what clubs participate in the reciprocal program, you can click on the clubs below or contact that club

Sunshine Coast South Lazy Runner

Brisbane Lazy Runner

Noosa Lazy Runner

Gold Coast Lazy Runner

Limestone Coast Lazy Runner

Ballarat Lazy Runner

Singapore Lazy Runner
Fremantle Lazy Runner


 Manly Lazy Runner


Melbourne Lazy Runner

Perth Lazy Runner

Grampians Lazy Runner




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