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Lazy Runner is growing! and that means more members, in more places with more networks and connections.

Lazy Runner Clubs are now throughout South East Queensland (Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast)
We are also in South Australia, Western Australia. Victoria, NSW and Singapore and growing all the time. And that's not all- now there are Lazy Runner Tours, Lazy Runner Workshops- the very popular Lazy Runner book- the 'Lazy' word is spreading!

The Lazy Runner website has proven to be a great way for people to network and find locals who can help them with a product or service....our members are often looking for a business or service and have found many come direct from other Lazy Runners within their club or other clubs.

But is doesn't end there... the Lazy Runner website has quickly become one of the most popular running and fitness websites in Australia. Lazy Runner comes up number one in Google when many running topics-running tips, running clubs, running events or races are searched.

Lazy Runner gets over 30,000 visitors a month, 1000 unique visits a day, with an average of 2,500 page views a day, with an average stay of 2 minutes.

Lazy Runner visitors come from all over Australia and the world

Advertising with Lazy Runner is a great, inexpensive way to be found by locals in your business area, state wide or nationally and even internationally.

Banner Advertisement Example

The Banners can appear on any page, top or bottom, they are bright and
eye catching and will be linked directly to your website or promotional deal.
We can design your banner for you or you can send through your own design

One Banner on One Page (of your choice) costs only $50 per month- $100 for three months-$200 for six months-
You will not get these low advertising prices on any website that gets 30,000 visits per month- its an absolute bargain.

And the best thing- Lazy Runner is a clean website- no pop ups or flash; no Google ads, updated with fresh new information daily; information based; original content;  no hard sell- one or two ads per page- This is the reason Lazy Runner is so well attended and loved- its a great original, information based website

For larger banner ads or other advertising packages please contact us for more details



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