Beginner Runners 
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Running is easy..Yes it just need to be taught the correct way to do it....yes, you can learn to run..there is a right way and a wrong start the right way..join a Lazy Runner beginner program today and  learn to run properly..once you learn to run correctly you have a fantastic skill for can run anywhere, anytime and the benefits to your health are amazing

The Beginners Runners Program is ideal for people
  • who have never run,
  • who were runners a long time ago and would like to get back into it,
  • who are coming back to running from an injury,
  • who have continually tried to run but have never been successful
  • who want to increase their fitness levels
  • who want to lose weight or tone up
Whatever reason you have for wanting to get running, this program will provide the answer.
I have trained many people to run on this program, people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. The program always starts at the level you are at and then grades up from there.
If you have been unsuccessful with trying to run in the past or have tried running programs that haven't worked they are probably designed for someone elses level and ability, not yours

Lazy Runner's Beginners program is based on safe, effective achievable training...designed to get you running, painfree and injury free

A lot of  beginners fail with their running program for several reasons
  • They go out too fast
  • They over train, and end up injured
  • They don't know their own pace
  • They don't know the distances they are running
  • They lack motivation
  • They just find it all too hard

Cant  get to a Lazy Runner Club- then join a Beginners Online Running Program- it really works


Read Reviews
'I  read  an  article  about  Marie  in  the  Courier  Mail. I  liked  her  attitude  to  her  sport,  and  was  intrigued  with  how  much  running  she  had  done  without  injury. When  I  saw  she  offered  an  on -  line  program  I  jumped  at  the  chance.  It  gave  me  the  opportunity  to  be  advised  by  an  expert  but  gave  me  complete  flexibility. I've  tried  and  failed  many  time  over  the  last  twenty  years  to  start  running  again,  it  is  so  brilliant  for  fitness - mental , physical  and  spiritual.Now , after  working  with  Marie , I  can  run  5ks  pretty  comfortably.I  sleep  better,  I  feel  better,  nothing  succeeds  like  success,  the  whole  experience  has  given  me  a  huge  boost.I  am  also  quite  certain  the  reason  I   made  it   this  time  was  because  of  Marie's  support  and  guidance.' ....Phillipa..Toowoomba







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