Best Runs in Queensland
Name of Run  South Bank Bridge Runs
Location Riverside Terrace, South Bank Brisbane (loop)
Run Start at base of Kangaroo Point cliffs, first carpark beside river on Riverside Terrace (toilet block). Run back towards South bank, all the way along Southbank on the river path until you reach Go Between Bridge, cross bridge, run back along North Bank until you get to Domain and Goodwill (pedestrian) Bridge, cross..turn left at end and back to start
Distance  Approx 6.5km
Extensions When you get to Domain continue on through the beautiful, cool gardens  until you get to main entrance, turn and come back to Domain and cross over Goodwill Bridge..add another 3km
Terrain All paths, no road crossings, all along river, very safe
Comments  So many bridges to cross in Brisbane

Name of Run  Story Bridge Run
Location Brisbane (loop)
Run Start at location as above, but this time run in opposite direction, base of Kangaroo point cliffs towards the Story Bridge (cant miss it). About 1km along, go up stairs (just past River life on right), the stairs and road will take you up to the main road, turn left and you will cross over the Story bridge. Run on left side of bridge, exit bridge at end to left, down Ivory Lane (steep hill) and you will be on the North Bank path. Follow path right along river, through the Botanical gardens, come out at the Domain, turn left cross over Goodwill Bridge, turn left at end of bridge, follow path past maririme Museum down Dock Street and back on river path and back to start
Distance  Approx 7km
Extensions Dont cross at Goodwill on way back, continue on North Bank, under freeways along river path to Kurilpa Bridge (pencil bridge), cross here, get back onto South Bank and run all the way back to start (Approx 9km in total)
Terrain Very safe path, well off busy road, all coastal. Vey busy with runners and walkers. Plenty of drinking taps along the way.
Comments Great to cross the iconic Story Bridge

Sunshine Coast
Name of Run  Noosa National Park
Location Noosa Heads, QLD (loop)
Run Start at Noosa National Park, Main Entrance.
Run along coastal path to Hells Gate, then follow Tanglewood track path, running inland bush track back to start (or can be reversed)
Distance  Approx 7km
Extensions Once back at start run up the hill on Boardwalk to Noosa Heads main beach and surf club, turn and run back, adds on another 3km
Or do loop of Palm Grove, beautiful one km loop in cool forest
Terrain Bush track, undulating,lots of tree roots under foot, can be sandy in places, stunning scenery. Can be busy with walkers and joggers on the coastal path. Can spot a snake in Summer!
Comments  I have run all over the world and this is still my favorite bush run
Name of Run  Noosaville to Noosa Heads
Location Noosa Heads, QLD (out and back)
Run Start at Yacht Club, Gympie Terrace, Noosaville. Run all the way along Gympie Terrace to end, turn right into William Street, then left onto Noosa Parade. Run all the way along the Parade(over the two bridges) until you get to the bus stops, turn left to Hastings Street. (or do the reverse, run from Hastings Street to end of Gympie Terrace)
Distance  Approx 9km Return
Extensions Turn left at Hastings Street, run all the way down to the end, through Noosa Woods, down to Noosa Spit, and up to Coast Gaurd Tower (end of path) extra 3km, 12km in total
Terrain All river path on Gympie Terrace, and foot path on Noosa Parade, and foot paths through Noosa Woods. Instead of running down Hastings Street, you can run up on boardwalk along beach towards Noosa Woods
Comments Great flat, scenic run

Name of Run  Three Surf Clubs
Location Maroochydore, QLD (out and back)
Run Start at Maroochy Surf Club, head towards Mooloolaba, running along Alexandra Parade, past Alex Surf Club on to the Mooloolaba Surf Club all along the beach path
Distance  Approx 7.5km
Extensions Continue along in front of Mooloolaba Surf Club on boardwalk, run all the way to the end of path to lighthouse and return approx 11km in total
Terrain Very safe path, well off busy road, all coastal. Vey busy with runners and walkers. Plenty of drinking taps along the way.
Comments Not many places in the world you can pass three huge surf clubs in a 7km stretch...a really stunning run with a big hill in the middle!
Name of Run  Currimundi Lake Run
Location Currimundi Lake, Westaway Parade (out and back)
Run Run on path heading South, after a block path becomes coastal boardwalk and stays that way for most of run, just getting on to the road a couple of times at Dickie beach, however after your cross the Tooway Bridge turn left and boardwalk continues all the way past Moffat Beach ending at Shelley Beach Carpark
Distance  10km return
Terrain Mostly coastal path and boardwalk, gets hilly from Moffat to Shelley, but views are spectacular
Comments Lovely run on coastal path, with a couple of drink taps along the way

Name of Run  La Balsa Park to Kawana Surf Club
Location Point Cartwright, Kawana (out and back)
Run Start at La Balsa Park, head right along river to end of path, turn right and head up to Point Cartwright Lighthouse on path, once up top of hill, stay on Coastal path all the way to Kawana Surf Club
Distance  Approx 8.5km out and back
Extensions Continue along past Kawana Surf Club, stay on Oceanic drive until it connects with Nicklin Way and this will make it 16km out and back
Terrain Very safe path, well off road, mostly coastal. Flat except for first bit heading up to lighthouse, Plenty of drinking taps along the way.
Comments Great Views
Name of Run  Waterfall to Lake
Location Kondilla National Park, Montville.Turn off the Mapleton to Montville road to Kondalilla National Park and you will find a good car park and facilities. If doing one way park the second car at Baroon Pocket dam.
Run The track begins at the top of the Kondalilla Falls and winds down through the rainforest to the base of the waterfall,  follow all the way along the rainforest valley to Baroon Pocket dam.  It is possible to swim,fish and canoe on the lake and enjoy the barbeque and picnic areas.  
Distance 21 Km return or 10.5 km if done as a one way run where you drop off one car at the end.
Extensions Out and back is 21km
Terrain Bush run but on a well maintained path. Watch out for leeches in the wet season
Comments A great way to experience the stunning Sunshine Coast Hinterland and finish with a BBQ and swim in the Lake or if doing the full run then the pool at the bottom of the waterfall is deep and refreshing.




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