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Lazy Runner and now the new Lazy Loser offers a great corporate package that caters for all levels of running, walking and fitness abilities

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Health, Fitness and Weight Loss Lunch Time Presentations
Marie Bean, the author of the two very successful books- Lazy Loser and Lazy Runner- can come along to your workplace and present a funny, interactive, informative session on any subject that suits your workplace needs

Examples Topics 
1-What type of Loser are You? 
Everyone in the group has fun finding out what their 'food temptations' are and get some fun info on how to deal with them
2. Super Snacking in the Office- Find out just what classifies as a snack!
3. No Food is Bad- its all good- find our how you can have it all!
4. How fit are you? How fit would you like to be? Often we have no idea how to answer either of these questions
5. Workplace Rules- Diet, Health and Fitness rules for work
Or if there is a subject your workplace would like discussed and presented, any subject on Health, Fitness, Food, and Exercise can be designed for your workplace needs-talks and sessions can be adjusted to suit the size and the needs of your group

Lunchbreak Session
Time- 45 mins- 60 mins
Cost- Free- For book sales minimum 5 copies (RRP of books $25) or $100
(Read Reviews Below)

Lazy Runner Fitness Corporate Packages

These outdoor sessions are a great way to start your work day or conference in a friendly, fun atmosphere in some of Queensland’s most stunning outdoor locations

Lazy Runner is based on getting fit and having fun in the outdoors. All clients are able to participate in all the set activities without fear of injury, pain or overstrain!

People of all ages and fitness levels can join in and work to the level of their abilities.

Lazy Runner Corporate Package 1 includes:
-A one hour session
-Starting with a fully supervised walk or run that caters for all levels or fitness
-A half hour of running and walking based fitness activities
-Finishing with a some fun group challenges and light refreshments
Cost- Depending on Numbers $200 - $400

Lazy Runner Corporate Package 2 Includes:
- A Two Hour Session
- Running and walking Boot Camp of various cardio activities
- Drinks and Fruit provided throughtout the session
Cost - Depending on Numbers $300-$500

Lazy Runner Amazing Races
- Two Hour Sessions
- Team work challenges involving running and walking, finding locations and tracking down clues throughout the city
- Drinks and Fruit Provided throughout the session
Cost- Depending on Numbers $300-$500

Lazy Runner Event Training
Gather a group of workmates or ask your workplace to train for a running event. It is a  great team exercise and helps with motivation, fitness, energy levels and general well it is so much more fun training in a team situation
Lazy Runner can train all levels of runners for any events..your workplace can enter a team in a running event with everyone competing in either a 5km, 10km, half marathon of even the biggie, the marathon!
Event Training involves all members receiving their own training program for their distance event, group coaching and training (one of two days per week) and race day preparation and supervision
Cost- POA

Trainer: Marie Bean- Personal Trainer, Sports Trainer, Owner and Operator of the Lazy Runner Running Clubs in Qld
Puplic Speaker in Australia and the UK and author of Lazy Runner and Lazy Loser Book
Insurances: Limited liability and profession indemnity insurance coverage for all Lazy Runner activities
First Aid: Currently covered for Level One First Aid
Numbers: Can cater for up to 80 clients
Abilities: Session caters for all levels of fitness and running and walking abilities
Refreshments: Fruit, water and sports drinks supplied in package



Reviews on Lazy Loser and Lazy Runner Talks and Workshops

"Energetic, Thorough & Delightful!"  
It was a RUNNER'S DELIGHT to welcome Marie Bean as our lead warm up sponsor for the 2015 iCureMelanoma 5k in Fullerton, CA.  With 2000 participants on hand, Marie's comprehensive warm up and instruction allowed us to celebrate an "injury free" event.  Her wisdom, practical skills and books were thoroughly enjoyed by all!  She has an open invitation to join any iCureMelanoma 5k event in the future.  She was truly appreciated & embraced by all!
Kelly Clauss;Director of Events; iCureMelanoma 5k; Fullerton, California

Lazy Runner, Lazy Loser great author talk!!
The Mammoth Lakes Library hosted Marie for a discussion of her books and everyone present thoroughly enjoyed her honest, enthusiastic talk!
I would highly recommend Marie for any speaking engagement small or large.
Thanks for the inspiring and realistic approach to running!!
Anastasia Danielson
Mono County Library Director (Mammoth Lakes, California)

"I found Marie to be a pleasure to work with, and an excellent presenter. She brought a lot of energy and personality to her talk. She was a fountain of wisdom about running specifically and fitness in general, and was able to offer very useful advice to our participants. If and when she ventures back to California, I would be happy to work with her again."
Colin, Library Worker from Santa Maria, California

"Hi Marie! It was great to meet you at the iCureMelanoma 5K this past weekend. I learned SOOO much from you in just 30 minutes. Because of your tips, the following day, at the OC Half, I ran my best race ever!! THANK YOU!! You are so funny & knowledgeable. I loved chatting with you. If you lived in California, we would totally be BFF's!! (aren't you glad you live in Australia?! HaHa) I hope you had a good run in OC on Sunday." 
Becky, Orange County, California

The Friends of the Hunting Beach Library want to thank you Marie for being our speaker at the library yesterday. Everyone enjoyed your talk, had lots of laughs and got lots of helpful information from it and hopefully everyone will follow your advice.I wish you continued success with your tour and your books.
Dorothy, President of Friends of Huntingdon Beach Library, California

It was a privilege to meet you in Saturday at the Running Workshop – you have revolutionised the way I run – I read the posture chapter of Lazy Runner as soon as I got home and have run 10km in the last two days! Unheard of for me – but I am thoroughly enjoying running again – running with purpose and certainty!
Nikki- Member of Jack Jones Fitness, Brisbane

It was well worth the trip to Sydney to hear Marie speak on running for fitness and sensible eating as opposed to dieting. My joy for running was rekindled and my love of food was affirmed. No need to diet, just eat sensibly. Marie is passionate about her subjects, and seduces the listeners into her passions.
Ken Silvester, Sydney

A big thank you Marie for your visit to the Kingaroy Library yesterday morning to talk about your 'Lazy' books. Everyone loved your talk as it contained a wealth of information about how to improve our health.
A great time was had by all with a lot of giggles and excellent health tips, thanks again Marie!
Danielle, Kingaroy Library, QLD

Marie is a really interesting speaker; she has an enthusiastic and friendly manner and had lots of useful advice. She spoke at nine of our libraries with all of her talks being booked out in advance. Marie’s presentations were a huge success for our library communities.
Tina-Moreton Bay Libraries, QLD

We had a great night on Tuesday, so thank you very much for the visit. With close to 100 people attending it was one of the largest talks we have catered for.
Everyone provided positive feedback & I will collate the comments and forward them on to you.
Thanks again for a fun, yet informative presentation.
Judy- Coffs Harbour Library, NSW

I was expecting to be judged and feel guilty, but it was a lot of fun and very interesting, I have never realised how funny the weight loss and health subject could be, I am still laughing!
Sue- Guest at Lazy Loser Workshop- Brisbane

Thank you again for a great session yesterday. The feedback we are receiving has been really positive and hopefully everyone is taking your tips on board!
Katherine- Ballarat Library, Victoria

Now that your presentations have come to an end, we would like to thank you for your generous donation of time and energy.  It is people like you that make a real difference to our community. We have had very positive reviews on your nine Sunshine Coast library talks and we would love to have you on board again for 2014.
Rhiannon – Sunshine Coast Libraries, QLD

It was lovely to have you here; the positive comments and feedback are still filtering in.   They found your ‘no-fuss’ approach very refreshing and enjoyed the talk immensely.
Rosemary – Muswellbrook Library, NSW

We wish you all the best with your book tour and would like to say a huge thank you for the workshop last Saturday, all of our clients loved it and we have had some great feedback!
We would love to have you back upon your return to Queensland so please touch base in the new year and we can look at scheduling another workshop.
Once again thank you so much for your energy and enthusiasm!
Abi- Pure Health Clubs- Brisbane



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