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Cross Country Running
I hope all Lazy Runners enjoyed their cross country run through the Noosa National Park this week.

This type of running is very different to road running, and in some cases you need to alter your breathing patterns and stride style. A breathing technique that is recommended for cross country running is the 2-2 breathing system-warm up, when you are at a comfortable pace choose the foot you want to start your 2-2 breathing on, when that foot strikes the ground, breathe in, two strides later breathe out, only breathe in when your chosen foot strikes the ground. This system is good to prevent stitches on your run and gives you a good rhythm when the course can be very undulating and requires concentration.

Cross Country running requires a shorter stride length, if you run with a long stride you are more likely to slip as the surfaces on cross country running are mostly moveable i.e. dirt, sand, leaves and therefore have more slip and less grip.

There are some fantastic forest and park runs in the Noosa area and you may like to try out a few on your own. However, for safety purposes try to find someone to run with you. Study the track or course before you go, so you know how far it goes and how to get back. Always take your mobile phone. Always have some form of identification on you. Don't run with music in your ears as it distracts you from noises coming up behind you.

If you are confident of running cross country courses on your own, inform someone as to where you are going and what time you expect to be back. If you see anything dangerous or unusual (including people) avoid it and always report it to either Police, Noosa Council or National Parks, when you are safely back

Cross Country running has it advantages and disadvantages. It can be harder physically, due to the hills, smaller tracks and moving surfaces. However, the magnificent scenery and views are a great distraction and you you always end up with a fantastic feeling of exhilaration after your run.




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