Lazy Gym Workshop

Excerpt from New Lazy Loser Book- Chapter 15- Lazy Gym-
"I’ve devised a DIY fitness regime that I call Lazy Gym. You don’t have to sign up or pay one cent to join Lazy Gym: Put on some comfy gear and walk out your front door. Welcome to your own Lazy Gym!
Here are a few things you need to know about getting fit:
You don’t need to join a gym.
You don’t need to suffer through a six-week boot-camp program and not be able to get out of bed without pain for those six weeks.
You don’t need a personal trainer.
You don’t need to buy expensive gym equipment.
However, if you like the idea of trying any of those things, then go for it. But if money is an issue for you; finding the time to get to these programs is too hard and stressful; or you’re worried about the intensity and pain of joining an exercise program, then don’t do it"
Lazy Gym Workshops are for people who want to get fit and exercise their own way, but don't know how to get started or the safe and most effective way to get into it-

A two hour Lazy Gym Workshop will

-Help you get into exercise your way

-Show you all the elements you need to create your own workout

- Simplify the exercise jargon and show you exercises that are safe, anyone can do and that really work

-Help you find the style of exercise you like and then show you how to do it effectively

We do need to include exercise in out lives, but it should be the type of exercise that suits you, fits in with your lifestyle and budget and more importantly something you can do and enjoy- A Lazy Gym Workshop will help you achieve all of this

Lazy Gym Workshops are for all- shapes, sizes, ages and both men and women- anyone can start their new Lazy Gym after just one two hour workshop

Cost- $50 (booked and prepaid) for two hour workshop- plus get a copy of the new Lazy Loser Book; $70 on the day (if places available)
Where and when- Lazy Gym is part of the new Lazy Runner Workshop Program that is touring Australia from September
To see when Lazy Gym is coming your way, click on your region below

QLD and Brisbane- September
Victoria and Melbourne- October
NSW and Sydney- November
Adelaide and Canberra- November

Cant get to a workshop? or would like in individual Lazy Gym session?
Have a small group of buddies that would like to have your own Lazy Gym Workshop?
This can be all arranged, just contact us to let us know what suits you
Individual Running Workshop- $100
2 Runner Workshop- $70 per person
4 Runner Workshop- $60 per person
6 Runner or more Workshop- $50 per person
All Lazy Gymers receive their own copy of the Lazy Lazy Loser(Included in Price)


Marie Bean has been a runner for many, many years and has been coaching runners for 7 years through her Lazy Runner clubs; there are now 10 across Australia.

Marie’s biggest claim to fame is thas in over 25 years and has never had one injury from running. Marie has run 12 marathons, 2 Ultra Marathons and too many to count half marathons and 10km events, not to mention the thousands of miles of training runs and not one running injury. How can that be you ask? She runs the lazy way!

Marie shares all here tips and tricks of the trade in her running workshops and coaching sessions, and they will work for you just as they have for Marie.



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