Welcome to Lazy Loser


Join a Lazy Loser Club....

The new Lazy Loser Club for 2014 isn't

- Just for overweight or obese people
-For people wanting to lose kilos in weeks
- For People who like diets and obsessing about everything they eat

The Lazy Loser Club IS for
- People who are sick about obsessing about their weight and food
- For people who would like to lose some weight and feel better and healthier but don't want to overhaul everything they do
- For people who never want to diet again
- People who like the idea of getting some tips and advise without being hit over the head with food science and exhausting exercising routines

To become a member of a Lazy Runner Club- you need to purchase the Lazy Loser Book- that's it- the book costs $25RRP and if you already have one, bring it along and you join for free. Once you have your book and we are all on the same page- then you are free to come along to the Lazy Loser Club

What happens at the Lazy Loser Club?
- Each week find out something new about you and get some tips to get you on the right track to long term health and fitness
- Ask some questions and get basic answers you can live with
- Meet people with the same issues and thoughts as you
- Get some weekly motivation to keep you on track
- Have some fun and a bit of a laugh




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