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Right Frame of Mind!!


This tip was born in Honiara when I was strolling the warm streets on the Lazy Runner tour to the Solomon’s. Darren and I were having one of our usual frank discussions on life!!, and I don’t know how it came about but he mentioned something in his past that didn’t work out , I asked him why and he said  “I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind”.

I have heard him and many other people use that same statement to me over the years “ I want to run a marathon but I’m waiting until I’m in the right frame of mind”, “I need to lose weight but I’m not in the right frame of mind at the moment”. 

So Darren got a full blast on what a load of crap I thought that phrase was, consequently he used it on me every chance he got for rest of the trip!

Let me offer you some translations for similar statements people have tried using on me about their health and fitness over years

“I would like to start running but I’m just not in the right headspace at the moment”= “I Don’t want to start running”

"I’m really overweight and I’m going to go on a diet when I’m in the right frame of mind”= “I’m fat and lazy and I just can’t be bothered trying to lose weight”

"I would like to run a marathon but I have to get my head around it first"= "I don’t want to run a marathon"

I know all the psychologists will be howling me down, saying that being in the right frame of mind is important before you take on anything major in your life…but can someone please explain what the hell it means.

My very simple philosophy is… if you want to do it , you will, and if you don’t, you wont. 

Do you really think that "Right Frame of Mind" guy is another entity that you have no control over, so you have to wait for something or someone to beat you over the head and say “There... now you are in the right Frame of Mind, go for it” to give you the Ok to start something…do you need permission?

I also get frustrated when I hear it said after a race...”Oh I didn’t do so well because I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind from the start”..what the hell!?!

I can tolerate any running excuse known to man, and goodness knows I’ve used most of them in my time…I can understand “ I didn’t run well because it was too bloody hot..I over trained..I undertrained… I had a blister on my big toe… I got drunk last night.. etc..”

All of them are legitimate, all can be changed and improved on, but blaming your mind space...what  a cop out

And I notice the “Right Frame of Mind Statement’ only applies to stuff you are not keen to do or if it means you may be out of your comfort zone for a bit, for instance I don’t often hear 
“Oh I just didn’t eat the Mars Bar cos I wasn’t in the right head space, I will have to revisit it later”!! or “ I can’t look at that bottle of Red a the moment , my frame of mind isn’t right”

Stop blaming your head for not making changes to your life or creating some great challenges for yourself…

You want to run a  marathon. … start a training program, find a good race, recruit a running buddie or join a club and start

You want to start running-  buy yourself some running shoes, set your alarm and get out of bed and start training yourself to run

You want to lose weight- Look at your diet, make changes, start an exercise program, and do it today

It’s’s not your mind telling you not to do’s you…you own that mind and you are telling yourself  I don’t want to…start telling yourself you do want to!




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