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Just wanted to let you all that I am preparing the Lazy Runner 2013 Race Calendars, and inviting you to expand your listing on these very successful marathon, half marathon, ultra marathons, trail running, and fun run pages
Lazy Runner launched its comprehensive list of running calendars at the end of 2009, and since then traffic to those pages has boomed. The 2013 calendar will be bigger and better, with all Australian Marathons, half marathons, ultra marathons, trail running events and fun runs listed.
The marathon page gets an average of 200 page views a day, with many of the links being clicked on.
The Lazy Runner Marathon Calendar comes up number one or two in Google when anything with any combination of the two words Australian and Marathons is searched; it comes up number one for Australian Marathons 2013
Lazy Runner pages  also comes up number one in Google  in many other categories, such as Australian Trail Running, Australian Ultra Marathons, Victorian Half Marathons, and all other pages on the calendars come up in the first four listings when searched in Google
You will receive a free listing with the name of your marathon, the location and date, with your website link underneath,  all you need to do is send through your 2013 date.

For Example

Basic Listing

Cadbury Marathon- Hobart- Jan 10th

However, I am offering an advanced listing for 2013, which will include all of the above, and any other information you would like to add, such as why your marathon is better than any others on the list! You can add any relevant details you like plus a logo.
If you have multiple events on the same day i.e. half marathon as well, you can repeat your listing on those pages as well.
You will also have your race listed on the home page as an upcoming event, and it will link back to your race information. The Lazy Runner website currently gets 15,000 unique visitors a month, all from runners, looking for information on running, especially events...and that figure is growing monthly.
Lazy Runner traffic comes from all Australian States and territories as well as many overseas countries. I field at least 10 emails
daily asking me what I think are the best marathons in Australia or around the world!
All you are required to do for this advance listing is send through all the information you want listed and pay a $50 administration fee for the 2013 year.

Advanced Listing


DELXC- 6 Hour Trail Run- May 8th
Run for 6hrs on a 6km loop of sweet flowing singletrack winding around the hillside of Raleigh Park. Enter as a solo or enter as a team.  Prize money. Lots of categories to choose from including kids categories.  
contact: Helena. email:
Visit the
website for more details.

Why not advertise your race on the Lazy Runner Website
Lazy Runner is growing! and that means more members, in more places with more networks and connections.

Lazy Runner Clubs are now throughout South East Queensland (Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast)
We are also in West Australia and Victoria and growing all the time

The Lazy Runner website has quickly become one of the most popular running and fitness websites in Australia. Lazy Runner comes up number one in Google when many running topics, tips, running clubs or races are searched.

Lazy Runner gets over 15,000 unique visitors a month, with an average of 1800 page views a day, with an average visitor stay of 2mins.

Lazy Runner visitors come from all over Australia and the world
Banner Ads

You can place your race ad for one , two or three months out from your race, from as little as $10 per month

The Banners can appear on any page, top or bottom, they are bright and
eye catching and will be linked directly to your website or promotional deal.
We can design your banner for you or you can send through your own design

Please take up this offer soon, so your event can be found for 2013 
NB: If you do not have your own website to promote your event or would like further exposure for your running event, you can take a whole page on the Lazy Runner website for an annual fee of $500. Please 
contact me for more information on this service.




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