Nutrition Tips


I've been testing lots of runners over the past two weeks and one common problem is low Hydration...not a good thing for runners or anyone playing sport..especially at this time of the year when humidity is high and we are sweating buckets..that fluid needs to be replaced!!

I would like all Lazy Runners to put a Double Up day into their week.You can load up on fluids. All fluid doesn't excrete out as urine and sweat, some can be absorbed and stored in the muscle tissues, and used when stores become low. This fact is especially useful to know when you are planning to do a lot of running or high intensity sport. If your muscles are well hydrated, you will be able to go longer and harder.

Low stores of fluid in your muscles is a bad thing for runners, because once those stores get too low, no amount of drinking fluids on a run will be able to replace them, it could take a couple of days to get the stores back up. If you run with low stores of fluid, you will tire easily, feel weak and exhausted and very thirsty.
One way you can ensure that you are fully hydrated is to try the Double Up Saturday system (or Double Up Friday if you are running on Saturdays). On the day before you do your big run with me, you double every drink you have..with water!!

So after your morning coffee you down a cup of water the same size, after your juice you down a glass of water the same size, after a glass of water you down another glass the same size..see the pattern?

After a glass of wine, double not with another glass of wine, water ( I will not be responsible for any hangovers on our Ho Hum Run!), after a beer, down the same size glass of water..straight after, not five minutes later, immediately, drink a glass of water after every other drink you have on that day.

This system ensures you drink a lot over the also means that you should be fully hydrated before your run and after your run you can just replace the fluids you lost on the run and not be drawing from your vital reserves.

On the morning of your run, just have a normal drink before you start. Drinking a lot before you run, usually means you need a toilet stop along the way, however, drinking a lot the day before shouldn't cause the same problem.

This is why Double up Saturday is a great tip for runners. Saturday is chosen, because we have our Ho Hum Runs on Saturdays and Sundays, so the more we drink on those days the better and because most running events are held on Sundays.






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