Preparation For Running


Posture Checks
For the next few weeks on our Ho Hum Runs I want all Lazy Runners to do a posture Check at every half km mark of the run, up and back! Check all these things off your Posture Checklist.

Head- is your head attached to a string and someone is pulling the string upwards, if not, it should be
Eyes-looking straight ahead, not down
Neck-tall and straight
Shoulders-back and down, as far from your ears as possible
Arms-loose, elbows tucked into your sides, not tightly though, arms moving slightly in the same directions as your legs, not swinging side to side
Hands- not clenched, loose, thumb and index fingers slightly touching,
Hips-under shoulders. moving with legs, and are the centre of your gravity
Legs-loose and relaxed and moving forward
Knees-loose not locked, always slightly bent
Feet-landing on mid section of feet, not toes or heels, but rolling back onto your heels before pushing off with your toes, landing lightly. think ballerina not elephant!
Noise-no plodding noises(you should hardly hear your feet touch the ground), groaning noises, moaning noises or cyclonic breathing noises.

I know it seems like a lot, and you will be at the next half km mark before you've finished checking the first one! However, after a while you will find there are only one or two things that you haven't got right, so from then on you will just keep a check on those things and correct them each time. Hopefully after a while it will become a habit and you will do a posture check a few times everytime you hit the road.




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