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Lazy Runner are very different types of running groups. Lazy Runner offers a safe, effective, achievable running program for all fitness levels.
Running is one of the safest and most effective forms of cardio and fitness training. It is also the most flexible of all fitness programs and offers the greatest benefits in cardio fitness, weight loss or maintenance of weight.

Lazy Runner incorporates variety, fun, flexibility and socialibilty into its running formula.
Other Benefits of being a Lazy Runner

-Individual Program to suit your level of fitness and running ability
-Fitness and Health Assessment and continual monitoring
-Motivational-ongoing coaching, tips and advice
-Variety- different styles of running and training
-Goal Setting
-Location- beautiful outdoor locations
-Social- part of a team
-Economical- no join up fees- pay per program (12-16 weeks), attend as many sessions as you like

Lazy Runner Programs are made up of three components
1. Health and Fitness Assessment
2. Muck Up Sesh
3. Ho Hum Run

Health and Fitness Assessment

Stage one of the Lazy Runner program is a health and fitness assessment.

As with all fitness programs it's vital that current health and fitness levels are assessed.

-Muscle mass
-Cardio testing
-Flexibility testing
-Strength testing
-Blood pressure test

This session also includes goal setting and discussion on what you would like to achieve from the program. We will also discuss past fitness and running experiences and create a program based on your individual needs and your selected goals.

Everyones needs and wants are different when it comes to fitness goals and levels, some examples of goals that can be achieved from being a Lazy Runner are:

-Get fit
-Improve health
-Become motivated
-Run a sub 50min 10km
-Run 5km without stopping
-Achieve higher fitness levels
-Run the 10km leg of a Triathlon
-More defined body shape and tone
-Run a PB over your favorite distance
-Run a marathon(Lazy Runner says every runner should do it)

Fitness levels eg. Cardio, strength, Flexibility, will be retested and documented every 3 months to monitor your progress and fitness improvement

Muck Up Sesh

This Lazy Runner session is based on variety and mixing things up. Different styles of training and running are implemented weekly. Some of the types of training include:

-Hill Running
-Tempo runs
-Cross Training
-Beach Running
-Agility Drills
-Fartlek Training
-Fun Team Events
-Deep Water Running
-Cross Country Running and much more

This type of training helps to build fitness, strength and power. It encourages your body to adapt to different styles of running and terrain. These training methods also provide variety, fun and bring more depth and enjoyment to your running.

Some of these training sessions can be challenging, some could be very different to what you expect, some can be be alot of fun, but be assured you will gain benefits from all of them in various ways.

At the end of this session, emphasis will be placed on a good stretching routine, especially lower body. Stretching is vital after running, as it improves flexibility, aids cool down by regulating blood flow, and is great for injury prevention.

Ho Hum Run
No matter what level you join Lazy Runner at, this is the morning when you will always run your longest run.

Each Runner will increase their distances on a weekly basis.

You will follow your individual running program, which will outline the distances you should be safely running each week, with the view to reaching your personal running goals.

Lazy Runner will run as a team, with your coach to guide you,  distances will be clearly outlined for you, with runners finishing when they have run their required course.

The course will always remain the same for this session, to allow you to track your distances and time, and to help you progress weekly. You will run at your most comfortable pace, with the emphasis on running further each week.

This Session is a low pressure run, chiefly designed to increase your endurance levels along with the distance you can run (so just kick back and enjoy the beautiful scenery).

After approx. four weeks of the Lazy Runner program, you will be able to estimate a pace time for yourself. This time can be used to set yourself times and distances you are able to run and will help to work towards your running goals.

At the end of this session, the group will go through some stretching routines. This is an ideal time for the group to discuss how their run went  and to exchange some ideas on running. It is also a good time to talk to Marie about your progress and how you feel your program is going.

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