Nutrition For Runners

Snacks For Runners
Still arking on about my terrible run around Cooroy last Saturday that left me weak and exhausted at the 8km mark!! Prompted me to write about hydration,  I felt I was low on it that day and wasn’t at all prepared for a hot hilly afternoon run, however it also made me think about my diet and what I should be eating to stop the energy crash in the middle or near the ends of run, so here is my list of top running snacks.

Bananas- you can’t beat the humble banana for a great energy pick me up. They are full of carbohydrates which are what runners need, they are filling and they have plenty of nutrients especially protein and potassium, which give energy.They are also easier to digest.

Dried Fruit- fruit that is dried is full of natural sugars and carbohydrates and because they are chewy they take longer to eat and fill up quicker. Apricots and prunes are great choices but my very favourite at the moment is dried cranberries, I have a handful in the morning as I’m driving to my sessions and they are just enough to kick some energy in to me.

Honey- simple and sweet. If you don’t like the thought of eating before you run a spoon full of honey will do the trick. It’s easy to digest and gives a burst of energy that is often needed if you run early in the morning on an empty stomach. If you don’t think you can handle it straight, put a pick dollop on dry toast, or a crumpet or rice cake.

Smoothies- when mixed right they can provide just about every nutrient runners  need. Use fresh fruit, low fat milk, honey, low fat yoghurt, fruit juice, wheatgerm, whatever you fancy, whiz it up and drink it down it will see you through any tough run

Nuts- Nuts are great, but opt for the non salted, unroasted varieties. Larger nuts like almonds, cashews, macadamias and hazelnuts are crunchier and more filling, 10 is and adequate serve.Some nutrients associated with nuts include magnesium, manganese, protein, fiber, zinc and phosphorus, these are great for runners.

Lollies- yeah you knew it would be coming didn’t you. Fruit lollies are full of sugar and carbohydrates and they can give you short bursts of energy, not to mention the fact they taste pretty good to. I like the natural companies jube type lollies, because I find they are nearly the only thing you can eat whilst running. Jelly beans are great too.

Chocolate-yes things are deteriorating now! It may be near the bottom of this list but it is always on the top of my favorite foods list. I’m a self confessed chocoholic and I can’t live with out it, believe me I’ve tried, it’s just not worth the hell I go through craving it. My theory now is that of all the addictions going around in this crazy world, I don’t think chocolate is the worst one to have. However, I do limit it. I eat chocolate daily, but only a couple of pieces. Not only does it taste good, it can be good for you. At least that’s the theory I’m sticking with. Chocolate also has something in it that produces warm fuzzy feelings in the head, and after dragging your tired arse around the roads for more the 10km it’s hard to muster up the warm fuzzies...So chocolate is what I turn to (and sometimes alcohol, but we won’t go into that now)




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