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Arches- There are three types of arches..Neutral, High and Low

Neutral- is normal!! When you have a neutral arch the biomechanics of your foot strike should be just right, meaning that when you strike the ground you have the right degree of supination and pronation happening and therefore you are not putting any undue pressure on the other muscles, joints and tendons of the lower leg. If you have a neutral arch you shouldn't have problems with the fitting of shoes but you still require running shoes with good support.

The ideal way for a foot to strike is, it will hit the ground in a supinated position and then it rolls into a pronated position by mid stance, and that is the point where the foot should be directly under the body and taking the full impact.

High- If you have a high arch you tend to supinate more or under pronate. Because of this a  high arch does not absorb shock very well through the foot, which causes the impact to run up the lateral (outer) side of the leg causing pressure to be placed on the lower leg and outer knee, another problem caused buy high arches are lateral shin splints. The right shoe for a high arch should provide the utmost in cushioning and shock absorbance, and you should be fitted correctly.

Low- This is common in flat feet and is the major cause of over pronation, because most of the foot lands on impact, and absorbs all of the shock. The foot doesn't supinate the way it should and over pronates and causes too much mobility, the impact  runs up the medial (inner side) of the leg, causing problems there. As I mentioned above, over pronators usually need more than just a good over pronating fitted shoe they also tend to require orthotics to be fitted to the shoes to prevent the pronation from occuring.




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