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Getting Re Motivated
I've had a lot of Lazy Runners telling me they have lost motivation after the Gold Coast events. This is a common occurance amongst runners. You train so hard for an event (it could take months) and then when race day is over you think 'well I've done that, now what?'

It is easy not to want to get up and get those running shoes on again. I think the most important thing to think about when you lose motivation is to go back and ask yourself 'why did I start running?' or 'why did I join Lazy Runner?', was it to get fit. lose weight, run with a group, have some fun..all those things should still apply and if you stop running you will lose all that.

I say 'don't waste your training', it's hard work to train for an event and you will probably find that by the time you reach your goal you are the fittest and healthiest you have ever you really want to throw all that hard work away, it takes only two weeks to detrain from running and we all know how hard it can be to get back into when you lose running fitness.

Drop back your distances. OK you ran a marathon or half marathon, that doesn't mean you keep running and running until you are Forest Gump! Drop back your distances, embrace the shorter distances. I know when I am at the end of a marathon training program, I get very excited thinking about when I can get back to 10km runs with the groups, it's a great feeling to drop back in the distances.

My theory is never stop running. You should never go for more than a week without having had a run; no excuses, holidays, work, family etc you should always find time to run at least once a week, three to four is ideal.
Write it into your diary like you do any appointments and meetings you may have, it's just as important. On Sunday evening write in your diary the days you are going to run, say two Lazy Runner sessions and two on your own and stick to it, make running a part of your life, just as work and eating is. Also when you write things down you tend to do them.

You may have forgotton how great running is... so read below all the things running can help you achieve and it may remotivate you:

Running teaches discipline- you need to have a focused mind to run any distance, the further you run the stronger your mind and body can use this discipline in all other areas of your life to focus on what you want and get it..when I finished my first marathon the sense of power was overwhelming, I honestly thought there was  nothing in the world I couldn't do!

Running is all about you..and you alone. No one can take credit for the five kms you run, the 10km or the marathon..sure you can be coached you can read books and spend lots of time researching you can run with a pace partner but ultimately only one person is out there pounding the pavement...YOU.

Running is honest..the road and your watch doesn't lie, it's just a race between you and yourself, if you cheat the watch and your distance you are only cheating yourself, and we don't like doing that..running really does make us challenge ourselves and also be true to ourselves.

Running lets you spend some quality time in your own this busy, full on electronic world, there are not many opportunities in the day when you can just get inside your own head and not be distracted by everything around you, take the hour to enjoy being in your own head with your own thoughts. It's amazing what you can plan out for your day or your life in that time!

Running takes energy..but it returns it two fold. The days I run, I find have more energy right to the end of the day, if I don't run I start to tire so much earlier

Running can be an addiction..but a positive one. When I think of all the addictions in the world I could have..gambling, drugs, eating etc, I know I'd rather be addicted to running.

Running makes you healthier- here are just some of the  medical risks that have been proven to decrease with aerobic activity such as running..Anxiety, depression, some cancers, high blood pressure, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, mortality, obesity, arthritis and osteoporosis

Running is for doesn't matter what age, gender, nationality, religion or shape and size you are, everyone can get out there and have a go at running, You only have to look at some of the huge races in the world to prove this point

Running is time efficient..running burns up more energy and calories in the shortest amount of time then any other aerobic activity. Running is the base for many other sports..running training usually improves your ability in other sporting pursuits, like football, tennis, basketball, netball etc.






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