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Go With What You Know..But Then Again!
I'm always giving tips about what I have learned or picked up over years of running..and it usually works for me..but then again there are some instances when what I believe to be right doesn't go the way I plan!!

One instance of this is when I often advise not to wear new or different gear in a race, always go with what is tried and true, don't try something different..I wore the same outfit in the Bangkok marathon last Sunday as I wore  in the Auckland marthon 3 weeks ago. It had to be right didn't it? It was comfortable in Auckland, never rubbed, no hassles with wardrobe malfunctions..go with what you on Sunday I was exact..same hat, top ,shorts, bra, shoes.. even socks... finished Bangkok..thought it was good run and so much better than Auckland. However.. after I got back to the hotel and stripped off, I discovered I was covered in severe on my neck that it went into sores, and very bad around my upper and inner thighs (OUCH) that it looked like I was still wearing my red shorts even when I took them off!! I even had chaffing all up the centre of my back!! What happened?...Bangkok was hot and steamy..Auckland was cold and every water station in Bangkok I doused myself  to keep cool.. the combination of water, sweat and nylon took it's toll on the skin...there was one element I didn't include into the outfit factor...the weather..not sure if anything would of stopped the chaffing..short of running naked!!..and I don't think Bangkok is ready for that fact I don't think any country is ready for me running naked!! 

Another instance of tried and true methods going astray was in Auckland... I always found in my marathons, that sucking on jelly beans in the last 12km gave me a boost of energy, provided comfort and was a great distraction after 3 hours of running. So there I was at the start of the Auckland marathon, armed with my bag of jelly beans..I ran with the bag in my hand (annoying me like crazy, but I thought that's OK it will be worth it at the 30km mark), when I got to the magical point that I was to allow myself a jelly bean, I popped one in the mouth and started to suck and I found I wanted to dry made me feel sick and incredible thirsty..I found it worked against me..and yet in other marathons I felt it saved me!!

I guess the moral of this tip is don't change anything you know that works for you..but if it stops working..definitely have a review and adjust..because every now and again in running..the course, the weather, your mental attitude may just be enough to alter the one thing you think is just right in your program and preparation...just remember you need to be a little flexible with your planning.




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