Running Psycho Babble

Psycho Babble #5- Club v. Coach
My only major form of sport or exercise for the past 20 years has been running..a few years ago I got the opportunity to work for an AFL club in Victoria, I worked as a masuesse and sports trainer across all the levels, Under 16's, Under 18's, Reserves and Seniors. I was amazed at the inner workings of a sportsclub and I often thought how lonely a sport like running is compared to a team sport. Their training looked so much fun even though they worked really hard, they celebrated every achievement within the club, they learned from all other players, trainers and coaches from across the levels. There was a great community feel and of course the social side..well really there is not much that rivals the football club social nights. I often thought how good it would be if there was a running club that could operate under the same premise. Hence, the birth of Lazy Runner and I'm pleased to say that it has achieved all the great team spirit attributes I outlined above. However, it needs to be known that there are two major components happening in a club, there is the club and then there is the coach and they  both have very different roles to play.

The Club
The club is not just one individual, it is the players, the supporters, the organisers and even the families. All together they achieve the best things in  a club, they promote diversity, social structure, networking and of course support on all levels. Without everyone doing their bit there wouldn't be a club. And I'm very happy that the Lazy Runner clubs typify all of that. We have ideas that we put forward and agree on, changes to times and locations can be made. Input and ideas are all considered and of course the social aspect is well supported by all. I am not the boss of the Club, it runs on it's own rails which is great for all concerned. If we want to go for a swim after a run, a coffee, yoga etc that is fantastic and can only improve the club and the feeling within the club....BUT THEN...there is the Coach!!

The Coach
The coach can be very much a part of the club, she/he can participate in all of the above events and become involved on all levels and subsequently become great friends with the members...However.. as the Coach she has only one role to fulfill and that is to ACHIEVE RESULTS..that's it! A coach's resume probably lists a lot of things about organizing training schedules, mapping out courses, setting goals, fostering team spirit, improving on weaknesses, etc..but it all boils down to one thing 'Achieving Results'. In a football club situation that is of course to win the match, in running it's a bit different because, we all have individual goals and ideas of the results we require. However, it is still my job to achieve those results, whether it be getting a walker to become a runner, increasing someone's 10km speed or training someone for a marathon, I'm working on achieving results. When we are playing games on the beach or skipping on an oval it's not just to have fun and provide variety it is all designed to improve everyone's running and for them to achieve better results, usually in cardio fitness. All club members need to know that the run time is MINE, from the time I start a session to the time we finish our stretches, I own that time, that is when I'm working on achieving your results and it's what you pay me for. You are not paying me for my good looks and sharp wit (if that was the case there would be a stampede for refunds!). Be very aware that this time is for all runners, please do not turn up at lazy runner if you are feeling like a social morning of light running and coffee..everytime you attend a session with me the expectation is that you are pushing yourself and working at capacity. As soon as we finish the session, I take my coaching cap off and I'm a club member just like the rest of you. And don't be fooled when I'm with a newie doing a beginners run, that I'm out of sight out of mind, I'm still very aware what the runners in the front of the field should be doing.









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