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Lazy Runner has trialed a lot of running products over several years, some have been great and others not so good. So it's with pleasure that the "extra good" ones have made it to the Lazy Runner shop. And don't just take my word for it, other Lazy Runners have given me plenty of feedback on these products over that time.

Wrightsocks are great for any foot problems, especially blisters. I haven't had one bad report on these sock and I have sold dozens of pairs, I also sell them way below the RRP.

Lazy Runner Aquaskins are the new great way to take water with you when you are running. 

Lazy Runner Hydra Pouches are a great way to hydrate on a run, without having to carry drinks.

I personally have trialed many different Running Singlets and the Lazy Runner singlets on these pages are the best fit, and that's for all sizes, and the most comfortable I've ever worn. It is also of a high quality but not high price tag.
We also have Fleecy Tops that are warm and lightweight, as well as Running T Shirts and Polo Tops

And of course the Lazy Runner Cap is a stock standard item for all runners, it's mesh and light and can come with the Lazy Runner Logo printed on the front.

Running Programs are personalised running programs to suit your runnning ability, when followed they build your fitness and distances and help you to achieve race goals. For runners who cannot get to Lazy Runner Sessions, these are an ideal alternative to get you trained up for the event you wish to enter. Lazy Runner has programs for all the major race distances

Lazy Loser Programs are designed to your personal dietary, lifestyle and fitness needs. This is not a diet, but a continuing eating and living well program that is designed for you personally with the aim of weightloss and improved fitness

Payment can be done by cheque,money order or electronic bank transfer
(postage extra)

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