Lazy Trail Running in Japan in 2014

Explore the Kyoto region

In recent years trail running has become increasingly popular.

With 70% of the country classified as mountainous terrain, Japan is the perfect trail running destination - beautiful sceneries, great food, historic temples and shrines, hot springs, and welcoming people. 

Trail runners love the challenge of the mountain path, but we’ve designed running trails that deliver challenge at the level you want plus opportunities to learn the history and culture of the area, try local foods, and appreciate the environment we’re running through.

There are fantastic trail running courses all across Japan, but we generally focus our trips either in the Kansai area (which covers Osaka, Nara and Kyoto regions).
These courses provide you beautiful scenery, rich history and culture, tasty local foods and hot springs.

Key Points:
9 day itinerary
Departing Osaka on 26th March 2014
Led by Marie Bean - founder of Lazy Runner
Cost: AUD$2,200; USD$1,900; GBP£1,300; EURO€1,500; YEN190,000;

Detailed Itinerary - Kansai (Kyoto region)

Day 1- Wednesday 26th March: Arrive Osaka
Group meeting on the evening of day 1, followed by dinner.
Together we walk the night scenes of this famous energetic city.
Day 2- Thursday 27th March: Osaka
Today we are going to run along the Osaka castle moat, great place to start running on our tour. 
We tackle urban runs for orientation which also serve as history lessons about how important this city and area is to Japan many of the developments the country is known for.
Day 3- Friday 28th March: Nara
We travel from Osaka to Nara (2 train, app. 1hr). We run Kasugayama Virgin Forest (12km), then later we visit Todaiji temple and Yoshigi-en garden. Free time in the afternoon. 
On the forest trails through this national park it’s likely that we’ll be surprising some local deer, we’ll discover the largest wooden structure in the world, as well as the oldest wooden structure in the world.
Day 4- Saturday 29th March: Asuka
We take a local train to Tenri (15 mins), then we start to trace along the country’s oldest transit route – Yamanobe Road (16km) – surrounded by the farms, rice paddies, & bamboo groves.
Today we’ll be exploring rural trails that have been home to Japanese farmers for millenium. Temples, shrines, gardens, traditional homes, and cemeteries will all be features of today’s running.
Day 5- Sunday 30th March: Asuka
Free exploring day. Visit some seasonal places such as walking in Yoshino to see famous cherry blossom in spring, running through Diamond Trail (10 ~ 20km) with azalea in Mt. Katsuragi, or visiting some hot springs and beautiful gorge along the Mitarai Canyon trail in autumn. 
This area is known as the cradle of Japan - the first emporers were born and buried here in massive tombs that make for great runnings and eye candy.
Day 6- Monday 31st March: Kyoto
We will take 2 trains to Kyoto (app. 1.5 hrs). Surrounded by 4 different trail courses with over 70km total distances, Kyoto city attracts not only history and cultural sightseers, but also adventure seekers these days. 
We will experience shrines, temples, gardens, old town and riverside runs.
Day 7- Tuesday 1st April: Kyoto
We run either Mt. Daimonji course (app. 6km) or Mt. Hiei course (app. 8km). 
Today we try and join the ‘marathon monks’ and learn about their dedication to running and the feeling it brings.
Day 8- Wednesday 2nd April: Kyoto
We cover the 10km Higashiyama trail course today, finishing by the heart of cultural center in Kyoto.
At this time of year we should be able to experience cherry blossom dawn and dusk runs - perfect Japan running and postcard views that are a treat for the scenes.
Day 9- Thursday 3rd April: Kyoto

Traditional inns (8 nights)
Please keep in mind that accommodation as shown in the itinerary is subject to availability at time of booking.  The closest available alternative will be substituted if our first choice hotels are not available.  Deductions or supplements may be applied to the trip price as a result.
Accommodation is provided on a twin-share basis.

While travelling with us you will experience the vast array of wonderful food available in the world.  Generally, to give you the maximum flexibility in deciding where and what to eat, not all meals are included in the trip price.  This also gives you more budgeting flexibility.

Train, bus, walking

What’s Included
The itinerary above is a list of included activities on this trip.  If you choose not to participate in the included activities on this itinerary, the cost will not be refunded.
8 Breakfasts, 1 Dinner
All internal train journeys and transport
A copy of the Lazy Runner Book
A Lazy Runner Running Top
Plenty of tips and running coaching- the Lazy Way!
Loads of Fun!

What’s Not Included
Airport transfers

We will be supported in the delivery of this tour by
Venture specialises in small group travel - designing activities and itineraries tailored to ensure that you get the most out of your Adventure, Expedition, or Event.
Your Tour Guide.
Marie Bean is the original Lazy Runner! She has run marathons on 6 continents (7th in the planning!) and many, many races throughout Australia. Marie places emphasis on fun, good training and safety when it comes to  travelling and running! Marie knows so much about running, she has even written a book on the subject and has just completed a 6 month book and running workshop tour of Australia and the UK.
Marie (a running coach) can organise your whole package..from your training program, travel arrangements, race tips and most importantly... post race celebrations!



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