What is Lazy Runner?


Lazy Runner are very different types of running groups.
Lazy Runner offers a safe, fun, effective, achievable running program for all fitness levels.
Everyone is welcome at Lazy Runner Clubs , males and females of all ages (over 16), sizes and levels of running ability

Can't Run? Lazy Runner can teach you how
Want to Run a Marathon? Lazy Runner can set you on a program

Lazy Runner sessions are based on a variety of different running, training methods. Lazy Runner sessions incorporate speed training, strength training and endurance training across all the clubs sessions.
These sessions improve your running in a variety of ways so that you will become a better more effecient runner.

Lazy Runner Clubs offer 2-3 training sessions a week

Commonly asked questions about Lazy Runner

Do I have to be able to run to join a Lazy Runner group?
No, you do not need to have a running base. Lazy Runner can teach you how to run, and there are hundreds of non runners who have learnt to run with Lazy Runner. Lazy Runner has a very successful method of teaching new runners how to run in a safe and effective way.

Can I train for a Marathon with Lazy Runner?
Yes, Lazy Runner can advise you on marathon training and suggest what distances you will need to be running to achieve your goal.

Can I train for a Fun Run with Lazy Runner?
Yes. Lazy Runner can train you for a Fun Run, just pick the run you would like to enter and give yourself time to prepare and train with Lazy Runner. Most 5km runs can be trained for in 10-15 weeks, (depending on the running base you have right now), with longer distances taking longer, but all distances can be trained for with Lazy Runner.

Do Lazy Runner Clubs enter running events?
Lazy Runner loves running events. Especially the ones that include lots of different races so that all Lazy Runners can join in. Lazy Runner likes to support local races and fun runs.

Does Lazy Runner operate running events?
No. Lazy Runner clubs do not organise running events, But they do like to support local events and train runners for events.

How do I find out where and when the Lazy Runner sessions are on?
The best way to find out about a Lazy Runner club is to go the the webpage of the club you are interested in joining. You can find them all here..Lazy Runner Clubs
Each page will have all the details about that club, the session days , times and meeting locations. What you see on that page is what is happening with that Lazy Runner Club. You will also find the contact details for that club on the page as well
Lazy Runner can move about so you need to check the webpages weekly to find out where and when that club is meeting. Webpages are updated by the Sunday before the week commences

Who operates the Lazy Runner Clubs?
The Lazy Runner clubs are operated by the license owner of that Lazy Runner Club. All Licensees have fitness qualifications as well as first aid training. The licensees or trainers conducting the sessions at that club have been trained in the Lazy Runner program as well as health and safety training. The operator of the Lazy Runner club you have joined is responsible for the full operation of that club and not Lazy Runner Pty Ltd

Is Lazy Runner an athletic club or like the Hash House Harriers?
No. Lazy Runner Clubs are small businesses and are run by trainers who are runners and trained in running and fitness. The clubs are very different to other clubs, as in all runs and sessions are taken by a trainer. Runs are mapped out and faciliated by a trainer. All sessions are designed to improve your fitness and running abilities. Advice and tips on running and programs are also provided by the Lazy Runner trainers

Do I have to be a member to Join Lazy Runner?
No. There are several ways to join in Lazy Runner sessions. You can join a program and pay an up front fee. Some clubs offer an annual membership that is a discounted rate for the year. Or you can turn up on a casual basis, and pay each time you attend.
You will be required to fill in a health questionaire and sign a contract when you join. Casual runners are required to sign a contract each time they attend a Lazy Runner session. However, it may be best to contact the Lazy runner club you are interested in before you turn up at a session, to get some more information. You can contact the clubs via email or telephone or the contact form on this website
The operator of the Lazy Runner club can provide all pricing and programs for that club on enquiry

Can I Lose weight with Lazy Runner?
Running is a high energy and a great cardio workout. The running you do at Lazy runner will improve your cardio fitness and in turn can help you lose excess weight and can even be more successful if combined with a healthy eating program. However, Lazy runner clubs do not offer dietary information or supplements at the sessions. Many Lazy runners have found that they have lost weight and toned up from attending the Lazy Runner sessions

Can anyone join in Lazy Runner?
Lazy Runner accepts all runners, males and females of all ages (over 16) and sizes. However, people who have exsisting medical conditions, past injuries or conditions that could be aggravated or re occur when running; are 20% or more overweight; are current smokers or have only quit in the past 6 months; have a family history of heart diease or heart related conditions that are not under control or havent had a medical check up in the past year will be required to vist their doctor to ensure they are safe  and fit to join Lazy Runner.
The operator of the Lazy Runner club can advise on this

How often should I run with Lazy Runner?
Lazy Runner believes to get the best benefits from running , you should run 3-4 days per week, ideally with a running free day in between. So if you can get to two Lazy Runner sessions, you should aim to run twice by yourself. If you can get to 3 Lazy Runner sessions a week, then you only need to run once by yourself. 

What if a Lazy Runner Club is not in my area?
Lazy Runner is growing, and hopefully soon there will be Lazy Runner clubs everywhere! However, if you would like a running program set up for you and you cannot get to a club, Lazy Runner can coach you online. To find out about Lazy Runners successful online programs..click here...Online Coaching

How can I find out about getting a Lazy Runner Club in my area?
If you love the concept of Lazy Runner clubs, but there isn't one in your city or town, you can enquire about starting a Lazy Runner club by license. Maybe you would like to start a Lazy Runner club or you know of a trainer or coach who you think would be interested..please Contact Lazy Runner or look here for more details..Lazy Runner License

What is a Muck Up Sesh?
These Lazy Runner sessions are based on variety and mixing things up. Different styles of training and running are implemented into the Lazy Runner sessions once or twice a week. Some of the types of training include:
-Hill Running
-Tempo runs
-Cross Training
-Beach Running
-Agility Drills
-Fartlek Training
-Fun Running
-Running Games
-Deep Water Running
-Cross Country Running and much more
This type of training helps to build fitness, strength and power. It encourages your body to adapt to different styles of running and terrain. These training methods also provide variety, fun and bring more depth and enjoyment to your running.

All Muck Up Seshs are suitable and adaptable to all levels of running ability and fitness levels..so beginner runners and experienced runners are able to participate in the Muck Up Seshs

Some of these training sessions can be challenging, some could be very different to what you expect, some can be be alot of fun, but be assured you will gain benefits from all of them in various ways.

At the end of this session, emphasis will be placed on a good stretching routine, especially lower body. Stretching is vital after running, as it improves flexibility, aids cool down by regulating blood flow, and is great for injury prevention.

What is a Ho Hum Run?
No matter what level you join Lazy Runner at, this is your long run. Lazy Runner clubs incorporate at least one Ho Hum Run into its weekly sessions

You will follow your individual running program, which will outline the distances you should be safely running each week, with the view to reaching your personal running goals.

Lazy Runner will run as a team, with your trainer to guide you,  distances will be clearly outlined for you, with runners finishing when they have run their required distance.

On the Ho Hum Run you will run at your most comfortable pace, with the emphasis on running well and running enjoyment

This Session is a low pressure run, chiefly designed to increase your endurance levels along with the distance you can run (so just kick back and enjoy the beautiful scenery).

At the end of this session, emphasis will be placed on a good stretching routine, especially lower body. Stretching is vital after running, as it improves flexibility, aids cool down by regulating blood flow, and is great for injury prevention.

What is a Health and Fitness Assessment?
As with all fitness programs it's vital that current health and fitness levels are assessed.

Lazy Runners  are required to complete a health history form. However, some Lazy Runner clubs offer a more compreshensive Health and Fitness Assessement.
This assessment is a great way to find out what your health and fitness levels are at right now and how a program can be set for you to improve your health and fitness and to set some realistic running and fitness goals
The following body compositon and basic fitness tests are done within the Health and Fitness Assessment

-Muscle mass
-Cardio testing
-Flexibility testing
-Strength testing

This session also includes goal setting and discussion on what you would like to achieve from the program. We will also discuss past fitness and running experiences and create a program based on your individual needs and your selected goals.

Everyones needs and wants are different when it comes to fitness goals and levels, some examples of goals that can be achieved from being a Lazy Runner are:

-Get fit
-Improve health
-Become motivated
-Run a sub 50min 10km
-Run 5km without stopping
-Achieve higher fitness levels
-Run the 10km leg of a Tri
-More defined body shape and tone
-Run a PB over your favorite distance
-Run a marathon(Lazy Runner says every runner should do it)

Contact the operator of the Lazy Runner Club you wish to attend or send an enquiry through the contact form on the website if you are interested in having a health and fitness assessment done



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