Running Injuries


Knee Pain

Many Lazy Runners have talked to me over the past week about knee pain, it has often coincided with beginner runners or runners just starting to increase their distances and here is some advice on knee pain.
There are several reasons why runners get knee pain whilst running or afterwards, here a couple of the main knee problems for runners.

Runner's Knee
The symptoms are pain under the knee cap or to the front or side of the knee. Pain usually increases in intensity over time if not treated. The cause is often from the knee cartilage wear and tear. Things that can trigger Runner's Knee are often from running on slopes (not so much hills, but more uneven surfaces), stairs or hills, weak quadriceps, tight hamstrings, too much running, sitting for long periods, and it is more prevalant in overpronators (feet rolling in). Overdoing it at the start of a training program can bring it on as well, so that's why the rest days are very important at the start of a training program, just until your body gets used to the idea!
Prevention- well fitting shoes, orthotics if advised, avoid down hill running and stairs, quadriceps exercises, hamstring stretches, run every second day
Treatment- magnesium supplements, rest, icing, knee brace or support may help whilst running, avoid uneven surfaces and down hill running

ITB Syndrome
The iliotibial Band (ITB) is a strong band of muscle that runs from the hip, down the thigh and attachs just under the knee in the shin. When it is tight it rubs under the knee which caused inflammation and pain to the outside of the knee or under the knee cap. The cause of ITB Syndrome is varied, and includes down hill running, changes in training (i.e. increases in distances), overtraining, old shoes, over pronation, unequal leg length, of just a tight ITB
Prevention- can include new shoes, stretching of the ITB and surrounding muscle area, leave out the hills and uneven surfaces, rest days, gradually building of distances
Treatment- massage of the area, stretching of the ITB and surrounding muscle groups, ice packs after running, anti inflammatory creams and medications



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