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I still think running a marathon is one of the greatest achievements and challenges we can give to ourselves. It brings out the best and worst in us, it proves what we can do if we really focus and train and it also
opens the doors to many other possibilities that we may feel have been unachievable in our lives...yes all that from running!

When I ran and finished my first marathon (Melbourne), the feeling of euphoria was incredible, at that moment (when I crossed the finish line) if anyone had thrown out a challenge to me I would of accepted it and achieved it..I felt unbeatable..I was king of the world! 

Even today when I'm having a bad day or not feeling on top of things, I think back to that moment and it still lifts me, so five years on I can still use it to better myself and achieve more dreams, all just from running that marathon... 
I believe every runner should run a marathon, it will change your life!

Is it an easy thing to do? No
Will it require time and commitment? Yes
Will it make you tired, grumpy, sore, fed up? Maybe!!
Will it be one of the most amazing individual achievements of your lifetime? You Betcha

If you read through all my blogs on my marathons (I'm training for my 9th), you will soon see that I am a Lazy Runner. Sure I run marathons, I finish them, I party afterwards, but the dominant factor in all my programs is I train to my ability. I do what I have to do for me and no more! I don't run everyday, I don't run hundreds of miles a week, I listen to my body..and I still run and  complete marathons.

This is the way I train and it has worked or me over 20 years of running and countless half marathons 
and marathons... my biggest boast to date is I've never had an injury..and I have no intention of getting one. Sure I get niggles and pains every now and again and mentally I struggle at times, but I deal with all of that in my training program, I have the lows (as well as the highs) written in...this is the method I use when I coach my marathon runners..and it works..time and time again

My online marathon training program incorporates a good solid training program with hints and tips to help you achieve your dream of running a marathon. The progam is designed to your needs, no one elses.

The Lazy Runner Online Marathon Training program is for everyone. First time marathoners, previous marathon attemptees, and marathon runners who would like to improve their times and performances, or maybe just want to take on a different marathon..because the programs are  individual they cater to all runners needs.

Your online Marathon training program involves

You will start by answering a personal questionnaire based on your current health and fitness levels, past experiences with running and fitness programs, your work and personal timetable and your goals


·        You will have email contact and telephone back up with your trainer weekly


·        Your program will be based on the level of fitness you are at right now


·        You will be required to give feedback weekly and your following weeks program will be based on that feedback


·        Your program will be based on the marathon you select for yourself, and the program will count down until that date (allow at least 4 months prior to run). Or you can ask me for advice on a good marathon for you to aim for


·        Your program will also include tips on running, diet, injury and any other aspect of your fitness that you would like included

Programs range from 3-6 months
Half Marathon Program $200
Full Marathon Program $300

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