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I have been coaching runners for 10 years both in my clubs, online and personal running coaching- I get asked lots of questions about running- but for the main questions, the best answers come from me showing my runners- or my runners showing me! So through popular demand I am going to answer all (Hopefully) of your running questions in a Running Bootcamp format.

The Lazy Runner Bootcamp consists of Four sessions- you can do one, two, three or the whole lot!
Each Session is $20 per person
Or do the whole bootcamp for only $50 per person

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Bootcamp Tour Kicks off in September 2020

I will be coming to Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane- or get our own group together and I can come to you...Dates will be listed here soon...

Session 1. Know your Running Pace

All Runners should know what their ideal running pace is- most don't!
So many runners ask me- 'What pace should I be running at?','Whats a good time for the 5, 10 or half marathon?', 'Am I running too slow?'- I cannot answer any of those questions by you just asking me- but I can find out for you. 

The know your pace session finds out what all of your paces are (yes you have more than one)- and in all of that information you will find the right pace for your warmups; your speed work; your 5km runs; your longer runs. You will go away with some actual figures and within them is your PACE- no one else's- just yours.
This session goes for an hour and covers 5km of running- its suitable for all runners who can run 5km or more comfortably regardless of pace.
Wear running gear, bring  a drink and something warm to wear before and after the running component.

Session 2. Run Right

Running is easy! It really is. But is very much a repetitive exercise, one step after another, thousands of times. Most of us are running right, but often we may be doing the smallest thing wrong with our running, and although only tiny- you do that little thing thousands of times over and over- after a while it can turn into a big problem.
So this session shows you the basics of posture and technique in running- its not technical and its easy to do, but you will be amazed at the little things you do when running that may be making your running harder- and once you sort those little things out- hey presto- running is easy!

This session goes for an hour- and covers some running and some talking and some demonstrating. It is suitable for all, from non runners to established runners. 

Wear running gear, bring a drink and have some warm gear to put on between the running.

Session 3. Running Stretches and Recovery

Over my years of running (31), I have invented or found some stretches that really work for my runners muscles. I have noticed that not many runners know of these stretches and are also not stretching in the right way.

This session- goes through some great, easy running stretches. Plus we will do some PNF stretches. If you have never done PNF stretching before, come along, you will be amazed at how they feel. 

Wear warm gear and bring a yoga or exercise mat. Drinks supplied.

Session 4: Running Aches/Pains and Injuries and Running 101

If you have ever suffered from aches, pains or God Forbid injuries that have affected your running or have been the reason you have stopped running- then come along to this session. Over my years of coaching I have seen so many runners be put out with injuries that could of been prevented or treated far more effectively. And once again, this is a non technical session. Its me- a runner- letting you know how I have run 27 years injury free (and yes that include ultra marathons, 15 marathons, too many to count half marathons and 10km events, not to mention the thousands of training kms- not one injury in all that time and running). 

Many of the things I cover in this session are about how you can treat your own aches or pains and injuries- and more importantly how to avoid getting them.

This is also your chance to chew the brains of a running coach. Try and bamboozle me with a tricky question on running- I bet you cant! I've felt, or experienced or heard it all. Running is simple, but its so individual and a very much a solo activity and every now and again its good to be able to ask someone in the know your own very personal question about your own running- sure we can research online now everything about running- but there is nothing better than asking it in a forum type atmosphere with someone who knows what they are talking about and can answer your question or direct you to the right type of person or training plan that can help you and your running.

Some of the popular topics we can cover in this session are-
Training Programs
Running Nutrition
Mental Running
Endurance Running
Speed work

And question and answer time

This is a non running session- so normal gear. Hot and Cold Drinks and Snacks Supplied.


Just a few of the great reviews received for the Lazy Runner Running Workshops

"Hi Marie! It was great to meet you at the iCureMelanoma 5K this past weekend. I learned SOOO much from you in just 30 minutes. Because of your tips, the following day, at the OC Half, I ran my best race ever!! THANK YOU!! You are so funny & knowledgeable. I loved chatting with you. If you lived in California, we would totally be BFF's!! (aren't you glad you live in Australia?! HaHa) I hope you had a good run in OC on Sunday." 
Becky, Orange County, California

"Energetic, Thorough & Delightful!"  It was a RUNNER'S DELIGHT to welcome Marie Bean as our lead warm up sponsor for the 2015 iCureMelanoma 5k in Fullerton, CA.  With 2000 participants on hand, Marie's comprehensive warm up and instruction allowed us to celebrate an "injury free" event.  Her wisdom, practical skills and books were thoroughly enjoyed by all!  She has an open invitation to join any iCureMelanoma 5k event in the future.  She was truly appreciated & embraced by all!
Kelly Clauss, Director of Events
iCureMelanoma 5k & iCureMelanoma Golf Classic

Just wanted to let you know that your advice at the workshop we attended in Adelaide has been a great success.  My hip flexors have never been better since you advised me to shorten my stride and thus reduce my heel strike!  Brenton and I just completed the Sydney 1/2 mara and loved it.  Now looking at Adelaide or Gold coast! 
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Hi Marie, after your Run Right workshop in Mount Gambier on Friday, I tried out your running tips this morning on my run. Oh My God!! You are a wizard, I was able to run 5km without being puffed, my toes didnt hurt and I felt great. I cannot wait until Tuesday so I can go out and run again! Thank you so much for all of your great advice.
Shannon, Mount Gambier

Had an awesome morning with The Lazy Runner and 25 or so others running our butts off, working on our running technique, learning some new stretches and having a great chat. A great 4 hours and I learnt so much. Thank you Marie Bean, was a awesome workshop. Can't wait to put it all into practice.
Debbie, Redlands

Today I participated in a fantastic running Bootcamp run by Marie Bean. Honestly anyone who wants to find their actual running pace,tweak their technique and improve stretch techniques, you need to do this
Jenny, Gatton

The Lazy Runner Running Bootcamp was an awesome way to start our Saturday. Can't waid to read the books and put some of your tips into practice.
Jo and Brad, Redlands

Just wanted to thank you for your time and great advice on running at the Santa Monica Run Right Session. I learned a lot and hope to incorporate all the pointers you provided in all my runs. I look forward to using your book as a guide to properly train for a half marathon I want to participate within a few months.
Ahmad, Santa Monica, California

Thank you Marie for getting me back on my feet with running.I'm looking forward to expanding my goals running head up! I am so glad you came to California.
Patty, Santa Monica

Thank you so much Marie for the running workshop that you recently ran for my Bootcamp.  Everyone really enjoyed learning more about how to improve their running technique.  The information you also gave regarding the key stretches were fantastic.  We have all been coaching each other since with the key points you gave us.  For me personally, just improving my technique has seen an improvement in my shin splints.  

“Marie’s 'Run Right' presentation at my fitness club was fabulous, we can’t wait for her to come back again.  Marie connected with each person in the group and was so friendly and down to earth.  She gave us some simple tips on how to improve our running.  They were easy to implement and really do make a huge difference.  From a business perspective, I was so impressed with how Marie was able to promote the use of my health and fitness club to the audience and referred to me and my team as people who could assist the runners with improving their performance.”
Michelle; Club Manager; Solutions Health and Fitness Club, Mackay

Hi Marie-Just wanted to let you know that I haven't let your book out of my sight since I got it, going back to it every few days for more running knowledge. Since attending your 'Run Right' workshop, I am now running 5k injury free (I had a torn calf when I met you and hadn't been able to run 3k!), I have taken 3 mins off my Qld Park Run PB for the last 2 weeks in a row, and have been extending my runs by 10% each week. A very sincere THANK YOU!!!!
Sharon, Run Right Session, Gladstone HUB Fitness Centre

It was a privilege to meet you on Saturday at the Running Workshop – you have revolutionised the way I run – I read the posture chapter of Lazy Runner as soon as I got home and have run 10km in the last two days! Unheard of for me – but I am thoroughly enjoying running again – running with purpose and certainty!
Nikki- Member of Jack Jones Fitness

We wish you all the best with your book tour and would like to say a huge thank you for the workshop last Saturday, all of our clients loved it and we have had some great feedback!

We would love to have you back upon your return to Queensland so please touch base in the new year and we can look at scheduling another workshop.
Once again thank you so much for your energy and enthusiasm!
Abi- Pure Health Clubs- Brisbane

The best thing that has ever happened to my running was meeting Marie and doing one of her 'Run Right' workshops. I learnt so much and now running is so much easier. Its hard to believe that just a couple of hours with a running coach can make such a difference.
Sue Hardy, Brisbane


Marie Bean has been a runner for many, many years and has been coaching runners for 7 years through her Lazy Runner clubs; there are now 10 across Australia.

Marie’s biggest claim to fame is thas in over 25 years and has never had one injury from running. Marie has run 12 marathons, 2 Ultra Marathons and too many to count half marathons and 10km events, not to mention the thousands of miles of training runs and not one running injury. How can that be you ask? She runs the lazy way!

Marie shares all here tips and tricks of the trade in her running workshops and coaching sessions, and they will work for you just as they have for Marie.



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