Running Problems


Myth Busters
This tip came about from my trip to Fraser Island on the weekend where I busted a huge myth:

Mythbuster #1-Not all dingoes hate water...I found this out whilst running on Fraser. When I asked about the dingo warnings I was told 'No problems, if they approach go into the water, they hate the water'..Oh a pack of dingoes approached all right, and yes I went into the water. However, one dingo obviously wasn't aware that he was supposed to be scared of water, because he followed me in. I was up to my chest in the sea and he was swimming after me like seal, which is pretty scary cos I can't even swim myself..luckily for me, we both got dumped by a huge wave and he succumbed and left the water, but not before deciding to keep guard on the shore for a while which left me waist high in the water for what felt like a very long time...if you want to know the whole scary saga, read my Dance with Dingoes on Page 4 Weeks to Go of my marathon.

Mythbuster #2- Running is bad for you- There is no reason why running is any worse than any other sport for fact I think it's better and safer. Most other aerobic sports require a lot of stop/ start and twisting/turning that do put extra pressure on joints and muscles. Running is very consistant.. injuries usually only come from over doing it, running on very hard surfaces, incorrect footwear..or not watching the roads, all of these things can be corrected.

Mythbuster #3- Walking is just as effective as running as a cardio or fatburning workout...I'm afraid that's not true. Running requires a lot more effort and most of you will know by your bodies reactions when you are sweat more, you breathe heavier and your heartbeat is quicker...all of these things burn more energy. Walking for an hour and running for the same amount of time expend different levels of cardio output, you would need to probably walk double the distance you run to achieve the same benefits..and of course who has the time to walk for over two hours, 3 times a week?

Mythbuster #4- Runners can eat as much as they like...Even marathon runners cannot afford to eat anything and everything. We all probably wonder why these super thin athletes still order the skinny lattes and low fat muffins. It's certainly true that the more you run the more calories you can consume without putting on weight..but it is more vital than ever ,if you are a runner and running 30-50km a week, that you eat the right foods. Fatty food will really slow you up as it takes longer to digest and doesn't supply as much energy as  carbohydrates, sugar will give you a quick lift but, it will not sustain you through a long run. If you have a break from running and you continue to eat the same diet you can bet the kilos will pile on very quickly..everyone should watch what they eat regardless of their size and activity levels




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