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It's Bloody Cold- Again
Winter just struck this week in QLD, so that means it is really cold all over Australia!

Two really icy mornings this week, saw me drag out the daggy running gear, and all the LRs huddling together at the start of all our sessions .

I want to give a big cheer and well done to all the runners who have dragged themselves out of bed in the dark and ice like conditions...but lets face it none of you went home cold (small consolation I know).

Here are some things to think about now that the weather has turned nasty

Just coming back from England where my marathon was cancelled due to atrocious weather conditions, I know all about how hard it is to breath whilst running in the cold. One of the purposes of our lungs is to warm the air we breathe. If the outside air is warm its easy, the air just flows in and out. However, the outside air is chilly at the moment, so it goes in OK, but it takes a while to warm up and it wont come out as well. So you tend to push the air out,  and it sounds like you are towing a steam train up hill. One tip is to breathe in through your nose, the air warms quicker that way, than breathing a rush of cold air into your mouth.

*Running with a cold
If you have a cold and you continue to train and your cold gets worse, stop..listen to your body and give it a rest. If you feel an improvement after your run and find you have a better effect by sweating it out..go for it. Colds should only last for a few days so if it is still there a week later, start looking after yourself and look for ways to cure it. Flu is worse and may need some form of treatment or remedy, your body will be affected and it won't like to rest, rest, rest.

*You still need to drink lots in cold weather
Another thing to be aware of in this weather is your fluid intake, you may not feel thirsty so you drink less, but of course you still need plenty of fluids especially if you are still running the same distances and sessions, so force yourself to drink as much as you do in Summer, warm drinks are fine if that helps.

*Always have something warm to put on after your run.
When you finish running and you are hot and sweaty grap a jumper or tracksuit and put it on straight away, even if you still feel warm. It only takes a couple of minutes for your body to realize that it is standing in 6 degree temperatures in not much more than underwear, and when it decides to cool it will do it so quickly you will feel the chills hit you.

* Still Stretch
Remember to stretch after each session, I know it's cold and easier to jump in the car and drive home or hop quickly into a hot shower, but your muscles and tendons are at their warmest and most flexible after a run, that only lasts for a few minutes so make the most of it by stretching them out




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